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Playing for Learning


Unitre of Pavia-Italy (coordinator), other similar institutions in France, Germany, Portugal, Romania and Spain

General objectives:

to promote

- the L2 acquisition for adults by using a methodology able to be efficient with plaisure and without any effort

- the development of digital competences

- the mutual knowledge among adults coming from different cultures/languages able to open their mind towards the diversity


In learning theatrical techniques, the educational offering for adult learners gives them a great support in their acquisition path, establishing a real net of genuine communication and educational cooperation, promoting the interest of knowing the other and using the language to create interpersonal relations.


Today, the literature about L2 acquisition has stressed the fundamental role played by the emotional dimension when learning an L2, after having considered the cognitive dimension as overriding. So far, the methods included some educational paths where the linguistic contents would have been learnt thanks to the repetition/imitation, thus a great support of the memory.

The body, the movement, the visual and hearing sensations are essential when learning lingual competences. The project intends to increase the value of this last path.

In a net including 6 European associations related to adults education, theatrical techniques will be proposed to both trainers and trainees in order to make the L2 acquisition easier and more enjoyable. The 1st year will be dedicated to the interpersonal communication through the web 2.0 and the trainers’ training; the 2nd year will concern theatrical techniques setting-up in L2 teaching with specific modules for each language.


pedagogical module with video support.